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Aug 7

P.S. I asked if the character is wearing a Game Boy.

Jul 20

You’re correct that what’s new here is that this is a “Partner Showcase.I’ve corrected our post. Though even that is semantics in that they’ve done indie showcases before, and therefore have done Direct-like events that don’t feature their own games.

May 19

Thanks, that’s a vestige of a mistake where I had originally written in a draft that the franchise was sold in 2012. Fixed that date before publication but not the elapsed time. Will fix now!

May 1

Hey, they don’t spend a lot of time on the modern day stuff, either.

Mar 25

I made mac and cheese for our twins and one of them, at least, ate it for dinner. That’s almost nailing it. (The other had a “peanut butter sandwich,” which is actually a PB&J). Whatever keeps toddlers fed....

Mar 18

Does reading lots of Sesame Street ABCs and 123s books count? That’s been my main reading of late... with my kids, of course. Read more

Feb 28

And to follow what Maddy said, I’ve wanted to hire a service and advice writer for years, so, no, this role was my idea, regardless of which CEO signs the checks.

Feb 11

It’s okay. The gameplay is basic, simplified stealth that winds up following a lot of the same rhythms of recent Far Cry and even Assassin’s Creed games (note the common thread here). You find a base of enemies, sneak past them or take them out and clear basic objectives.

I like it for the setting, a remote Read more

Feb 11

I hear you. I’m curious how they’ll do seasons with this one, because the endgame stuff in Division 2 had been really messy and this will supposedly streamline it. I’m also into continued narrative. Read more

Feb 11

Kenly College was a mediocre new mode/area added in July that, for some reason, runs on a schedule where it’s available for some number of weeks, then gone for weeks, then back. No idea why they do it.

But other than not releasing a second raid yet (set for release in the spring and will be free) they have delivered Read more

Feb 6

Some guy on book-writing leave says that the two other games do not include a new Splinter Cell, which is a series a lot of people want to see come back. Biggest franchises seems to mean something else...

Jan 13

Yes, I’m definitely going to play Control. My home is just not good for PC gaming, so I need to wait for a console port before I can play Disco Elysium. It sounds great!

Jan 13

I did indeed mean to bold it. Thanks for pointing that out.

Jan 2

Not possible for a Switch owner to have done a post like this. Outer Wilds doesn’t run on Switch. Anyone who is not playing Outer Wilds at a given moment is by definition missing out. 

Nov 26

I don’t mind the rewards mostly being cosmetic, if only the cosmetics were better. Those lightsaber pieces, as you mentioned, are barely perceptible. A wider array of outfit options would be cool. Or even lore drops that tell more distinct side stories (I like the lore that’s in the game, but most of what I’ve found Read more

Nov 18

I’ve mostly played it to experience new stuff and haven’t done much of the available grinds. My level has gone up fairly high in the process. I’m not close to, say, playing through the full season of battle-pass unlocks (I’m at level 27 of 100), but with a focus on largely just playing what’s new and interesting, I Read more

Oct 18

P.S. I dialed back some of the hype at the end thanks to your and others’ feedback. No one meant anything untoward by it, but I realize that the plugging of the game caught too many readers by surprise. I don’t want people feeling like they were tricked. It wasn’t the intent.