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6:08 PM

Yes, I’m definitely going to play Control. My home is just not good for PC gaming, so I need to wait for a console port before I can play Disco Elysium. It sounds great!

2:49 PM

Not possible for a Switch owner to have done a post like this. Outer Wilds doesn’t run on Switch. Anyone who is not playing Outer Wilds at a given moment is by definition missing out. 

12:48 PM

I don’t mind the rewards mostly being cosmetic, if only the cosmetics were better. Those lightsaber pieces, as you mentioned, are barely perceptible. A wider array of outfit options would be cool. Or even lore drops that tell more distinct side stories (I like the lore that’s in the game, but most of what I’ve found Read more

2:39 PM

I’ve mostly played it to experience new stuff and haven’t done much of the available grinds. My level has gone up fairly high in the process. I’m not close to, say, playing through the full season of battle-pass unlocks (I’m at level 27 of 100), but with a focus on largely just playing what’s new and interesting, I Read more

7:11 PM

P.S. I dialed back some of the hype at the end thanks to your and others’ feedback. No one meant anything untoward by it, but I realize that the plugging of the game caught too many readers by surprise. I don’t want people feeling like they were tricked. It wasn’t the intent.

6:50 PM

Because a developer who has a new game out approached me with an idea about talking about maze design and I thought it’d make for a fun post. And I was fine with him plugging his game near the end. My call. No one else’s. Read more

2:57 PM

They have released extra mini-games for some of the Labo kits, but I don’t see them offering much by way of downloadable expansion here. And I highly doubt they’d release other games that worked with the ring unless if becomes a huge seller. 

2:56 PM

Check the videos and you’ll see how much space I need. About what you’d have needed for a Kinect game or Wii Sports Tennis. 

2:53 PM

The running parts don’t last long, and you could artificially set your jogging pace really low so that it never asks you to ru that vigorously. That or the quiet mode would do the trick. Once you’re in the battles, you have control over which exercises you do and can avoid anything that’d be noisy.

2:59 PM

I might still prefer Rise, but it’s close. Rise didn’t have as many tombs, let alone as many good ones, but it did have some interesting extra modes.

12:00 PM

No. Gooigi has the same moveset as Luigi, so he’s not easier for a co-op player to use.

9:31 AM

In the PlayStation blog post today, Ryan said: “ we have plenty of blockbuster experiences coming your way on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima.” Read more

5:48 PM

Why apologize? Because I don’t think we should be running uncensored screenshots of animations of young characters from popular fiction having sex. I’m not saying we should write about it or even in some fashion show people what it is we’re talking about, but how we presented it exceeded what many readers expected.

I Read more

3:59 PM

Noted, but I don’t have control of that. My focus was on addressing the readers. I’ll ask our tech people if that’s possible, but it’s not an option I’ve pursued. I tend to not think about advertisers when we run our posts. 

3:48 PM

We have multiple editors. I don’t see every article. But, as I said, the buck still stops with me about what we publish.

5:12 PM

Yeah, noted. It’s not what we want. In fact, these headline-less posts, which we call “blips” are intended to be short enough that you don’t need to click on them to read them. I erred in making this one too long. Sorry about that.

5:08 PM

Pretty good! Those thin bars near the.. is that a vent next to the game card slot? They’ve snapped off, but the rest of the system has been fine. Screen’s doing great, too.