Jun 11 2019

You played it on PC, didn’t you? It was Final Fantasy VIII and IX that were the 4-disc games. FFVII was 3-disc. (And both VII and VIII had an installer disc that you had to use first on Windows.)

Sep 27 2018

Ehh, you kind of sound like a cunt who just assumes the worst about others so I doubt anyone would want to play with you even if you did find a place..

Aug 26 2015

My denial is strong, friend. The longer I can imagine I live in a world where nothing you’ve stated in that comment is true, the longer I maintain my sanity.

Aug 14 2015

You should go look into their more recent material. In fact I’d say most of their 2000s era material is solid, right up there with the best stuff they did in the 80s. Read more

Jun 4 2015

I couldn’t even make it through the first episode. I tried, I tried so damn hard simply because JYB voice acting the lead but it wasn’t for me. Read more

Mar 30 2015

Whether it's dumb might depend on the child. The age ratings are the 'safe bet' minimum of recommendation. You can be a fully grown adult and the content might badly affect you depending on your maturity or mental stability. Also, statistically, most kids do realize that videogame actions are not real (even better if Read more

Dec 30 2014

As for me, I will continue paying for FFXIV. The only MMO that is worth paying besides WoW.