World's Greatest Dad Added a Backseat to His DeLorean to Take His Kids Along for the Ride

We all know parents who sacrificed their sports car the moment kids entered their life, but John Dore wasn’t ready to give up on owning one of the coolest cars ever made: a DeLorean DMC-12. Instead he completely reconfigured the rear of his DeLorean to include a backseat so the kids could enjoy it, too. If that’s not…

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Had At Least 20 Concussions That He Mostly Kept Quiet So He Wouldn't Lose His Job

NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. retired last year after struggling to return from a concussion in 2016. Now he has an upcoming book about the experience, and he’s finally opening up about his experiences with concussions over the year, highlighting the heartbreaking worries and lack of support drivers encounter when they…

This Turbo Miata-Powered Lotus Replica Started With a Haynes Book and Went Nuts by Page Two

Building a car from scratch in your basement is hard enough to make you a bit of a hero to the rest of us. Going off-plan to completely re-engineer the design of the car, adding a turbo and doing all your own carbon fiber work is the stuff of legends. Meet Jon Frecks, whose home-built Lotus Seven replica rules hard.