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12:21 PM

I was thinking the same thing about those stadium seats. I was just telling my god son about laying on booth seats in a Bob Evans restaurant, yesterday and I’d give Lizzo the same advice; Read more

7:42 AM

Leaning forward is the key. This way, the phone is no longer hovering over the toilet’s hiney-hole. You may actually find this to be the more comfortable position, as toilet seat lids aren’t particularly supple or conducive to reclining.  Read more

7:22 AM

Agreed.  Jalopnik feels like a community though.  One united in their hatred of Kinja but still a community.  the drive feels like it’s a message board in a supermarket where commenters are concerned.  Also the writing feels...stiff, corporate even.  I like it but it seems slow to update and it’s lacking that sense of Read more

7:31 PM

I fade in and out during mine. I remember a lot of what my spouse was doing to assist or where I had fallen, but I don’t remember the first hit, so it likely wouldn’t be excruciating.

1:27 PM

This poor kid. I have epilepsy, and drug user or not, it breaks my heart to see anyone claimed by a seizure, especially with someone so young. The only cold comfort anyone can take is that he likely didn’t suffer much- having a seizure is like passing out when you’re experiencing one. 

2:46 PM

That guy should have bought a seat sooner. You can’t really ever expect seats on planes to be available, these things sell out all the time. I get what you’re saying, but it is just as much of a dick move to have them sit next to someone who doesn’t actually fit in a seat, or worse, between two people who don’t fit in Read more

8:57 PM

I’m happy Castro is getting some love here.  He’s doing the work, why isn’t he getting the credit?

6:30 PM

My candidate, Warren, is at the top, which is cool, but i’d be fine if Julian Castro was No.1. Castro has been treated badly from day one, not only in mainstream media but among some Black pundits. Dude has been consistent in addressing black issues boldly and in radical ways yet never given due props. No other Read more

5:51 PM

I don’t particularly hate flying so much as strangers and touching them for hours at a time, being in a cramped tube for hours touching them, smelling them, etc. Read more

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1:51 PM

Before you book an extra seat, double check how much more it would cost to fly First Class. Sometimes it’s much cheaper to buy a First Class ticket than a second seat. And especially on long haul/international flights where your seat is basically a bed, might as well go First Class and get that than an adjacent seat.

11:02 AM

Reminds me of my childhood, when reading “Mad Magazine”, and coming across this particular comic illustration: