Stef Schrader
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7:06 AM

They really should’ve stuck with the early design language for the Model X. This prototype looks way cooler.

7:05 AM

I’m going to find the first Mustang Cobra I see and start talking about DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS with it and see how the CAR likes it!!

7:03 AM

I need a job first, I think. Then WTB PARSH because of course I’m that responsible about my life choices. 

6:58 AM

It’s so bad on so many levels. There’s just so much left unanswered beyond the rambling, unfocused writing: Read more

6:10 AM

If I HAVE to read something out of morbid curiosity, I try to go for the Google cache version. Hard pass on supporting that travesty. 

5:19 AM

You like the car. It’s good parsh. You don’t like the idea of doing work later. Shell out for the expensive long-term fix. That’s worth it, IMHO—and a lot cheaper than a ~$15K replacement engine.
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5:30 PM

Taking a break to make some dinner and enjoy some of the 24 Hours of Lemons iRacing series. Theo Bunny, annoyingly, was hoarding my cheese.