Feb 7

I love both Leslie Jones and Christian Siriano, Leslie for being her always and Christian not only for making amazing lewks like this (and also making amazing lewks for all body types), but also inviting Leslie specifically because he knows she’s going to bring that level of enthusiasm and glee that is sorely lacking Read more

Feb 4

Zero.  That was easy

Dec 2

Mine is flat Earthers.

Dec 2

I have 3 kids and feel your pain. My daughter’s friend refused to vaccinate claiming religious reasons (religion=Facebook) and both of their children got severe cases of chicken pox. The school refused to allow them back for 1 month. They fought the school because they didn’t want to take time off work. The school

Nov 22

Oh madam, I wholeheartedly disagree. We REGULARLY have charcuterie boards in our house. It’s a staple anytime we’re hosting guests, but sometimes just a Friday night clearing the DVR. And we eat everything on it.

Nov 6

Please don’t make me choose between people who openly root for the Patriots and the scowling, apathetic 3rd wife of the worst president in US history. Please.

Oct 31

One last time. I’ll see all you fuckers in hell.

Oct 24

I prefer my music a bit edgier, & realize it’s ‘classic’ rock, but I agree Maiden belongs on here. Also, Led Zep at #15 is pathetic.

Oct 24

The most classic rock is igneous.

Oct 21

In this situation the first thing that needs to be established is was the threat realistically possible? Does the child’s parents have firearms? Could the child have access to the firearms? Is the child capable of using any of the firearms?
If these are a yes or even a I don’t know. Action must be taken to reduce the Read more

Oct 18

Many of the snack foods illustrated with photos of fruits and vegetables contain only a tiny bit of those fruits or vegetables Read more

Oct 14

Give me Catherine the Great, but make it Snuggie. 

Oct 7

Thernos’ money was not her money. Theranos was backed by a veritable who’s who of rich idiots and venture capital firms that thought they were investing in revolutionary technology. Read more

Sep 23

I see you’ve not been acquainted with the magic of Natasha Lyonne.

Sep 23

“I like what she had to say, but I still think she’s—sorry—a bitch,” said a 56-year-old Trump supporter. Read more