Feb 24

You could argue that Men At Work is the sequel to The Thing. Keith Davids is playing the same role, years later and under a different name. He’s hiding out from the government, which is trying to find and dissect him to see if he’s the thing.

Feb 23

As long as Hawkeye, master of the Soul Stone, wasn’t stupid enough to forget he could wield it, he’d probably have been able to bring Tony back to life. Albeit we don’t know whether or not Tony would still carry some of his injuries with him despite being alive again.

Feb 22

Forget feeling sorry for the little bastards! Get some cheap wooden snap traps. They work just as good as more expensive jaw traps. And you can just throw them away with the mouse if you are too squeemish to remove a dead mouse and reuse the trap. We have a metal box live trap that can catch 4 or 5 at a time. Used to Read more

Dec 30

If Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the worst films youve EVER seen, you need to see more films and stop commenting on them until you do. Read more

Dec 11

And Rathbone was no fencing slouch either. Also, counterpoint (funny) - Danny Kaye vs Rathbone in the Court Jester.

Dec 7

They should have just gone with his real life story that would have included an actual goddamned shootout. 

Dec 3

I loved the way the Rocketeer screenplay was so witty. Timothy Dalton being a Nazi ( there was a book out about how Errol Flynn was one). The way it worships Howard Hughes as the latest in aviation. Cliff Secord being slightly dumb like Kirk Russell in Big Trouble- a very hard acting challenge. Hatton. A wonderful Read more

Sep 15

How can we have had rogue one and mandolorian and the main movies were so mediocore. They totally picked the wrong people to lead the movies, JF and co are clearly the people making the real Star Wars.

Sep 3

Came to the comments hoping for this. I was not disappointed. :) LOL

Aug 12 2013

Do you not like Penelope Anne Miller in a tight dress and seam stockings?
(OK, that was revealingly specific…)

Aug 12 2013

I can't think of a reason why any conscious human being would think that The Freshman sucks. Do you not like the jokes about the Audobon Society? Do you think Jon Polito deserves better roles? Do you just hate fun? This is perplexing.