Patrick Hogan
I used to be a reporter, now I'm a developer for Fusion Media Group.

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12:57 PM

When Cry of the Wolf was published, there were a lot of theories flying around Sonic fan forums as to the reason for and identity of Many Hands. The one I heard the most was that the original artist due to draw the issue fell through and someone on the editorial staff who does not usually do this kind of work stepped Read more

12:31 PM

I had a Blackberry Storm. I thought I loved it until Opera Mobile came out for BBOS. It didn’t support the clicky screen, so you had to tap like on a normal touchscreen phone instead. I couldn’t get over how much better that was than, well, everything else, and ditched the Storm soon after.

4:32 PM

I did this. I thought it went with the game’s whole fuck the police vibe to be as contrarian as possible. Nope.

1:32 PM

I stumbled upon the climbing gear by accident, but I feel like I was still slipping an awful lot even with it on.

It’s for the best, I feel like most of the time I tried climbing some great cliff, it ended up just being a long slog to nowhere important.

6:29 PM

I played a tiny bit of Night in the Woods earlier in the week. Gonna dip my toe back into those waters. I’m also giving Elder Scrolls Online a go to see if there is any meat on those bones ahead of the Morrowind expansion.

5:52 PM

When I was in Kindergarten, I got a whistle in my stocking that sounded like a train horn when you blew into it. I really liked it and brought it in for show and tell, but Mrs. Himmelman said it wasn’t my turn. So I told her that my dad worked on a train and that he let me bring the whistle in just that one day. If I Read more