Aug 11 2014

You say "I'm sick of the Hellcat" but all anyone hears is "I support godless communism."

Aug 1 2014

The Prius. Early buyers may have been gloating douchebags but all current buyers I've come in contact with purchased them because of the fuel economy.

Aug 1 2014

Not really. While DTS and STS are related to Seville and Deville because they started out as option packages on both cars back in the '80s, the same is not true of the Catera, which only ever came with a Sport package. Read more

Jul 29 2014

so originally, the post had two marker lights. The graphic with the rectangular unit seen on many Caravans and Trailers.

The second WAS this one

Jul 28 2014

Every color that isn't neutral, red or blue. Pic related. S-class color choices.

Jul 28 2014

Damn, trucks have gotten expensive. $52 large for the top of the range? Truck no.

Jul 28 2014

Prepare your bodies for more pictures. I'm at the dealer meeting. I'll answer any questions that I can. Might have a test drive report for everyone later. It also looks more like a stingray in person. Read more

Jul 26 2014

This is my "get around". 2012 F-150 5.0 Boss ProCharged. Makes just north of 600hp. Custom suspension setup for getting it to handle well which ended up lowering it 3" in the front and 5" in the back. Still use it as a truck loading the bed with furniture, lumber, or anything to big for a car. Tows my boat when Read more

Jul 24 2014

The Nissan GT-R Nismo. The Nissan Juke Nismo. The Nissan Sentra Nismo. Anything can be Nismo'd. Everything will be Nismo'd. Nissan will not stop until all things have been Nismo'd even the humble Versa Note.