Apr 2 2019

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat was such a delight. Samin is so warm and knowledgeable and excited about what she’s talking about. I just want to be her friend and sit in her kitchen and eat stuff out of pots as she cooks and we chat.

Sep 27 2018

No. They actually dont. Douchebags shouldn’t be anywhere near any woman at any time. So douchebag is an accurate characterization of him

Sep 16 2018

I seriously think Meghan’s family of origin has some personality disordered people (mainly her dad) and their enabling minions. Its not a normal level of dysfunction. Maybe some Borderline or Narcissism. Poor Meghan.

Sep 16 2018

If I looked sexy AF in a body harness at 9 months pregnant I would *ROCK* *THAT* *SHIT*. Tragically, I do not.

Sep 12 2018

Anybody else unable to eat at Subway because something about the way they smell? No? Just me? Read more

Jun 22 2018

“There should be riots in the streets” um, there have been, but people always blame it on Black/brown folks being “violent” and “thugs” and not protesting correctly.
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May 10 2018

Finallt that stuffy family is getting some melanin.

May 6 2018

Agreed. Someone’s choices for not drinking may be complex or they may be very simple, but it doesnt matter—respect them and their decisions.

Apr 5 2018

My husband always talks about how they have more chemistry than her and Chip lol

Feb 26 2018

Its almost as if people *cough* Beckys *cough* have always been jealous of Black and brown excellence? Im thinking of those laws in the South that prohibit Black women from wearing their hair uncovered in public.

Jan 8 2018

The first Black man to win, ever, and thats supposed to be enough? Its 2018! Its egregious its taken this long. I love Sterling Brown but the original comment stands—WOC were sparse

Dec 24 2017

What do you mean “Clooney and his...”? Hes married to Amal

Nov 21 2017

Im dying that he threw it over your neighbors fence. “Here, FUCK YOU NEIGHBORS!”