Oct 6

Can’t say I’m too worried about this one.  Almost nobody uses in game chat in MHW already.  And while it matters with friends that’s more of a standard factor rather than it impacting the game.  Monster Hunter just relies on you knowing the fight and knowing how your weapon deals with the monster rather than tight Read more

Oct 2

I don’t want him to die because then he’d never see the inside of a federal prison. I wish him a long, humiliating life behind bars, addled for years with painful and disfiguring health complications.

Oct 2

But also, maybe people will finally take this epidemic seriously. If Donald Trump has to get sick and die for his supporters to start wearing their fucking masks when in public, it’s a sacrifice worth making.

Sep 26

I’m not gonna start trying for a PS5 this year unless Trump steals the election, in which case there’s nothing to live for so might as well spend $500 on something that can bring me fleeting joy.

Sep 25

Depends on what you mean by “complete.” If you just mean getting all the Medals in the Medal List, that takes about 300-350 hours. Read more

Sep 15

I feel your pain, but the writers have no control over the advertising so it’s not fair to blame Nathan for it.

Sep 15

Wouldn’t this be similar to tv writers and actors getting upset that a commercial interrupts their show?
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