Sophie Kleeman
Sophie is a former news editor at Gizmodo.
May 25 2017

The list of computer generated paint colors would also make a good list of band names, especially Stanky Bean.

Mar 24 2017

Why is this cat all lumpy and moist?

Mar 2 2017

its just like the LIEberals at GizLIERS media to ask if I read a story before commmenting on it. go back to riting about GADGETS you hillary shills if i wanted to read about how i dont read things before i comment on them i’d go not-read the new york CRIMES opinion page. nice work trying to trick me into reading Read more

Sep 2 2016

I like the believe Musk sabotaged the rocket in an attempt to save humanity for Facebook’s world domination plan.

Aug 25 2016

Caption this.. (watching Bush’s Tutorial on how to start conflict)