Sophie Weiner
6:28 PM

when i first started as an intern at gizmodo no one at any of the other websites spoke to me for 6 months and that’s what i’m going to do to you now

10:54 PM

I’ve been supportive of Nancy, and tried to hold off on judgement considering all that she did and has done in her career. It’s easy for us to judge from the outside looking in but to become the first female speaker of the house and get the ACA passed is truly a massive achievement and one we shouldn’t take lightly. Read more

10:08 PM

If in this time where there are literal concentration camps on US soil and people dying in them, that the most important thing that Pelosi and the centrists can come up with is to attack progressives and not actually do *anything* about people literally dying in our literal concentration camps... Fuck them. Primary Read more

11:25 AM

I was born in the early 70s, and I vividly remember looking up trans books in my university card catalog and then hiding in the stacks to clandestinely read and try to understand the feelings I was having. The emergence of the internet made the difficulty of being trans a good bit easier (though it’s certainly still Read more

10:51 AM

Oh man, I remember some of these places. As someone born in the mid-80s, it really felt like the internet was growing up with me, and I remember sites like Susan’s Place as I was first coming to terms with my own gender identity. Of course, it took some more years before I actually went anywhere with it, but still, Read more

9:09 AM

Here’s a list of active detention centers in the United States. I was at one over the weekend. Outrage, while on some level essential, is easy. Going to these places, as it happens, is also easier than a lot of people who are distracted by outrage may realize. Read more

2:56 PM

yes, there’s very fine people on both sides

9:57 AM

“I lived in New York, so I know about trains that go underground. And nobody rides those trains, let me tell you, because nobody goes down there and gets on those trains. Maybe the housekeeper does, I don’t know. Is her name Harriet? I think it is. And Harriet’s the only one that goes down there and gets on the train. Read more

9:08 PM

How many properties do you have? Because at some point you have a business that turns into a property management corporation... and at that point it stops being about what is good for the property and what is the most profitable for the business. The most profitable thing in NYC is A) reducing the number of available Read more

8:39 PM

When you go into business selling something NECESSARY to human survival, expect extra regulations to prevent your own greed from killing people. It’s a fair trade-off; people will never NOT need a place to live, so your customer base is guaranteed. Read more

7:43 PM

Laura Ingraham, shitting in a diaper to own the libs.  What is it with horrible conservatives and a fixation on toilet issues?

9:17 AM

I suspect that causing a foofaraw was the aim; AOC’s now brought the conversation back to the kids in cages when much of the media has excitedly moved on to the next Trump distraction. Read more

9:42 PM

The sad thing is that Republicans will give zero Fuks about influence peddling.

8:45 PM

Wait, what? A Republican fundraiser screwed a foreign national by selling bullshit tickets to Trump’s inauguration, depriving said foreign national of the opportunity to curry favor with the Trump Administration? Read more

5:15 PM

This sort of vague, anecdata driven complaint sounds a lot like what got the whole wellness/power of positive thinking movement jump started in America in the nineteenth century. Barbara Ehrenreich’s Bright-Sided does a nice dive on the history of the middle class people who suffered from all sorts of “nervous Read more

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