Jan 26 2019

People have terrible taste.

People have terrible taste.

Jan 6 2017

They would have to find the right host if it wasn’t Conan. He’s pretty much the whole reason why it works.

May 20 2016

I think it’s time for all nations that want to participate in the Olympics to pony up a few dollars, euros, pounds, shekels, rupees, etc. and give them to Greece, where a permanent dedicated Olympic Village will be built. Greece has no money, but they can donate land. Building it will help the Greek economy. (Why Read more

Jan 7 2016

That’s the smile of a man who’s going to buy that shit back at the bankruptcy auction for pennies!

Aug 14 2015

I’m a systems engineer. Many of my colleagues own iPhones because we just don’t want to deal with another computer that requires constant care and feeding. Stereotypes are for losers.

May 5 2015

Remind me again why we should go completely digital with our games?

Dec 30 2014

You must not be a blogger looking for pageviews.

Nov 7 2014

I would totally make mine's name "Ah crap!" . I want this just to do that now.... Read more

Aug 27 2014

Basically none of these are dangerous unless your child is an idiot (Except that flying kite tube thing. Although that would also be awesome) Read more

Aug 12 2014

"episodes, like the one where Cobra made a chain of fast food restaurants and then launched them all into space for some reason." Read more

Aug 12 2014

Once again, Rob, thank you for saving me 12 bucks and two hours of my life.

Aug 8 2014

they're going to revive Laura Bow, but this time she's a feisty young woman defending herself in the bayou against a group of evil men with guns she upgraded through killing animals.

Aug 7 2014

I'm not sure that you are qualified to write this article if you are unfamiliar with Survivorman.

Jul 23 2014

I miss Yahoo's Literati-game. It was a no-frills Scrabble rip-off with chat, and I spent hours playing it. I especially liked that you could set a time limit on games. And the ppl arguing in the lobby's chat, they were fun! There were a few regulars who were ALWAYS there, picking fights with newbies. I don't like the Read more

Jun 16 2014

If finding "your type" were such a good idea, you would still be with your Ex and not need to use their experience to make better decisions than you were previously capable of.

Jun 4 2014

I'm sure their next project is rebuilding the high school from "High School Musical" or whatever terrible early 2000s movie you associate with your youth.

May 13 2014

This will be perfect for those times when voice commands aren't appropriate, but flailing around like a maniac is.