An unheralded movie, an ostentatious Beatles box set, and an Isherwood novel

The Signal’s brief theatrical run was met with lukewarm critical reaction and scant box-office business, which I think is mostly due to the fact that viewers felt a little burned by its twisty ending. But going into the science-fiction thriller—which was just released on DVD—knowing that it doesn’t stick the landing…

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

This week’s question is from editor-in-chief Josh Modell: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid? Sure, the answer was probably different at different ages, but what show do you remember loving above all others, whether you were 4 or 10?

Annyong!: 14 characters who (mostly) say only one thing

Action cinema is filthy with men of few words, the strong and silent types who say more with less. Even within that grand tradition, however, the meteoric rise of Groot—one of the five misfit headliners of the year’s biggest hit, Guardians Of The Galaxy—has to be seen as a new victory for terseness. Pulled from the…

A handy app, a tried-and-true parody, and a great book

I’ve always felt bashful about buying to-do list apps, because why the hell do you need an app to make a list and check things off of it? I’ve come to terms, though, with the reality that an app can help me accomplish things when I’ve got a busy day ahead. I gather that Wunderlist has many wonderful features, but in…

What’s the point of The Smashing Pumpkins’ overstuffed Adore reissue?

Welcome to the Music Roundtable, a blatant rip-off of TV Club’s TV Roundtable feature. Here, music writers and fans discuss recent reissues, hot new releases, or just records we like. This time, we’re talking about The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1998 album Adore, which just got a ridiculously massive reissue.