Jul 14 2019

This is a good write up on her meaningful contribution. One of, what I hope to be dozens, that should spring forth in her honor. I would like to believe that even though she is gone too soon, that she left behind many young stars that will shine in her wake. Read more

Dec 20 2018

You’re right.  This is not just horrifying brutality and misogyny (although it’s certainly that), but this guy is off his rocker.

Dec 20 2018

Yeah but this woman was a slut and like “rough sex” so that means anything that happens to her is ok. I know every time I have rough sex, someone nearly dies. Its completely normal. If you consent to rough sex obviously you are consenting to your own murder. Plus she was drinking and probably showing too much leg. 

Dec 20 2018

This is the most important comment. Skin color and the content of your bank account should never factor into the justice process.

Dec 20 2018

It’s so clear, so painfully obvious that this man is literally insane and needs to be held somewhere for observation. He needs to be kept away from the public for a very long time.

This will not be his only murder

Dec 20 2018

So hold on, a girl who is trafficked and preyed upon, forced in prostitution, kills a man who picks her up, is given over 50 years, but a grown ass man killing his girlfriend, pouring bleach on her, and not calling 911 until she’s definitely dead only gets 3 years? Yeah, I can definitely see how he’s more capable of Read more

May 7 2015

That’s a good point, that the median would be more helpful, but we don’t have those figures—except for the Slate article you link below, which suggests median costs are about 3/4 of these averages. Read more

Apr 14 2014

I work as the to-go person at a restaurant. You know what I make per hour? $4.80. My point is, that while I don't expect to be tipped like a server (I worked for years as a server, but chose to do the to-go position because it had been a few years since I'd served and wanted to ease back into it), it is not "fine" not Read more

Jan 17 2012

I especially agree with #2. How on earth do I get the experience needed for a job, when every single job wants experience beforehand? This was especially hard for me considering I had just got out of college. Before I went to college, everyone said that having a college degree was so important to getting a good Read more

Jan 16 2012

I gotta say, it's disheartening to read essays like this. It has a certain air of entitlement that makes me question the persons sanity. Really, you expect a resume tailored to your job posting and company, and an interview full of enthusiasm about past jobs, current jobs, and future jobs, with clear, exact job Read more