Jun 13 2017

I used the same cake toppers for my pigeon themed wedding! Happy pigeon appreciation day!

Sep 22 2015

Agreed. Another possibility is that he may be giving some social commentary (with no explanation or follow-up) on how women in positions of power generally must be attractive for anyone to give a hoot about what they’re saying.

Jul 31 2015

I get my urine clear by drinking a shit-ton of cheap beer. Works like a charm!

Jul 16 2015

That is nothing compared to ancient tooth extractions and cauterization practices.

Apr 10 2015

You're quoting an awful lot of white men here. This is not an accurate reflection of our nation's past naturalists. The Buffalo Soldiers were an invaluable part of the first iteration of national park rangers, and helped to open our first national parks. There are countless other stories of POC historically Read more

Mar 18 2015

Trained falcons wear jesses (leather straps, the bird equivalent of a leash). Even if she had never seen a jess before, any person with common sense would figure that some well fit fancy leather straps would prrrrrrrobably mean that this bird has a human contact somewhere.

Feb 4 2015

Grammar Nazi's are straight up racist. The English language is ever evolving. People don't have to speak like old white men to be intelligent or intelligible.

Jan 13 2015

There are meat scissors that can cut through bone. They're pretty great for breaking down a whole chicken.

Jan 1 2015

San Diego is set to open a huge desalination plant in 2016. So, California will be drinking ocean water soon enough.

Oct 31 2013

Bengals are by definition the fourth generation crosses between Asian Leopard Cats and other Bengals (that is, other 4th generation crosses... nowhere near 20 generations removed). They're legal hybrid domestics, and it's not uncommon for a Bengal owner to meet the same Asian Leopard cat to grandsire/dam their Bengal.

Oct 9 2013

So, the wine thing is supposed to be done with a hammer and a screw... not a nail. For the record, I have opened very many bottles of wine using just a screw and a towel. Totally works.