May 15 2017

When I was in my 2o’s, I had a cute butt, perky tits and tiny waist. (But no silicone tits right under my chin.) Now I’m almost 67. After two pregnancies and a hard bout with breast cancer 18 year ago, I have a saggy ass, thick waist, poochy tummy and lopsided boobs. I still go to the gym to increase my muscle mass, Read more

Apr 8 2017

This just dawned on me. Jared Kushner looks like Orin from Parks and Rec.

Apr 6 2017

If you have already been sexually active... vaccine may provide some benefit to stimulate an immune response. Read more

Mar 12 2017

The excuses are really more for themselves than for the cops. There’s some part of these people, deep down, that understands the systemic bigotry that leads to these killings and is terrified of the fact that they just don’t care. It’s an existential crisis at the realization that they’re only half a step away from Read more

Nov 7 2016

I would literally rather go to The Upside Down.

Nov 5 2016

The earth hasn’t moved in my marriage since the aughts!

Oct 27 2016

you go to a junior collenge

Oct 22 2016

He flies under the radar because he looks like a racist ghost who died during plastic surgery.

Aug 25 2016

I asked you to keep our conversations private. Enjoy growing your unibrow.

Aug 10 2016

Prince Harry marrying Kerry Washington despite Barack Obama being concerned about their dangerous boat wedding. Read more

Aug 10 2016

is Ted Cruz groping himself?
“...and the hooome of the...HHNNNNGG *tweaks nipple* bb-b-b-brraaaave...uuhhhhhhyeaaah”