2:42 PM

I was wondering how long it was going to take before New Orleans got a Bravo show. I’m sure Southern Charm: New Orleans will be nothing but Tulane grads going to Mardi Gras balls and eating po-boys in formal attire. And I am going to watch every single episode, dammit.

12:57 PM

I work for a government agency, and I have to help prepare a report with everyone’s salaries each year. Still, they are shocked when I bring up the fact that I know I make less than most of my colleagues. Y’all know this is public record, right?!

4:30 PM

I toured a plantation in the area that now calls itself a “slavery museum,” and the Senegalese tour guide kept saying that the Africans were “deported.” I thought that was an interesting choice of words, as well.

5:04 PM

I have the Crosby sectional, and I like it. I purposefully didn’t get the Peggy because of the button tufting on the seat. I have a dog that is too cute to not let on the sofa, so I like to be able to remove the cushions occasionally and give them a rinse. I did notice that the tapered legs on one side are starting to Read more

2:18 PM

This just in-- Tamron will be the honorary Muse for this year’s Krewe of Muses Mardi Gras parade. Can’t wait to see her reign!

5:17 PM

Puppy Bowl is the only thing America is doing right these days.

2:36 PM

In elementary/middle school, I participated in a Just Say No rally with a group of (also white) girls. We performed a rap song I wrote: “You gotta go with the flow... to Just Say No!” Then, in college, I was in the Million Marijuana March. The latter was much more fun than the former. Good times!

1:02 PM

The best judge show on TV is Hot Bench. I was playing hooky from work one day and caught an episode where a son was being sued by his mom for breaking her washing machine. The story had everything— drugs, a man-child, racism, and the eventual throwing out of the defendant from the courtroom. It was perfection.

4:20 PM

I have worked at my job for nearly ten years, and I could take roughly 4 months off with the amount of sick days I have accumulated. Did I miss the part of the “How to Be a Woman” seminar where we’re supposed to take a sick day every month? ‘Cause I don’t have periods (thanks, IUD!), but I’m sure I could come down Read more

12:22 PM

So, I watch the shows Botched and Botched by Nature, and it really is funny to see how they treat women’s breasts regarding what’s okay to show vs. what must be blurred. When a woman who had a total mastectomy was on, they did not blur any part of her chest, as she no longer had nipples. Then, later in the show, she Read more

5:42 PM

My husband would never, ever part with his cargo shorts. But I’m cool with that. It’s the baby powder habit that I will one day break him of.

12:21 PM

I was just saying to a friend of mine the other day that Chip looks like a youth pastor. Read more

5:12 PM

Christmas Eve, I think I was about 12 or 13, and my sister was driving us down our rural highway to a family friend’s Christmas party. Out my window, I spotted a large smoldering boulder, maybe about 4 or 5 feet in diameter, pretty spherical in shape. There’s smoke rising from it, like it was burning from within. The Read more

12:22 PM

We used to pour beer in our hair before laying out in the summer, supposedly to give us highlights.

4:46 PM

I was told at work that someone had complained about a dress I was wearing, which I had worn many, many times before. I looked down, and there was not even 1 inch of cleavage. But how do you argue that without blowing the situation up and coming off sounding like an asshole? I just hate that other people use their own Read more

2:55 PM

I took my engagement ring to Kay for a cleaning, and when I got it back, it was a Jane Seymour Tits & Ass pendant.

2:53 PM

That couple has the worst taste, too! Oh, you’re pairing grey with white again, I’m shocked. Oooh, decided to go with marble instead of granite, you deviants.

1:24 PM

Hello, are you me 14 hours into the future? The worst part is when you mention that salaries are public information and you know that your coworker gets paid way more for practically the same job, and HR looks at you like you just revealed secret nuclear launch codes. I can Google, you know! Just biding my time till Read more