Miss Mercedes ♥✈ Appropriately Crazy
1:35 AM

I am on my second Tdi. My First one, a 2001 sedan I bought practically new, only 13K on it before I put 240K miles on in 8 years for my auto wholesaling business nearly bankrupting our National treasury as I pocketed my 50 cents per mile annual tax write-off. 42 mpg first tank, and 42 last tank. (Auto) So almost 2 yrs Read more

10:38 PM

If price and specs are indeed competitive when it finally hits the streets I could see the reasons as: Read more

5:24 PM

While I totally feel where you're coming from, let's all be honest and remind ourselves that older Rangers hardly qualify as trucks, except they have a bed. I guess it's appropriately a Miss Mercedes truck since it's basically microscopic. Totally in character, I'd say!

5:08 PM

Yup, first thing is to check n75, if they didnt do it, they wouldnt be mechanic for too long in Europe. Also after abusing it for that long turbo should be cleaned (and pray to fast spinning goddess that it’s not cooked) with EGR. Read more

4:31 PM

I’ve always stood by my “If you move over to let me by, I know you see me” thing. I don’t need the space, but I like knowing people are watching.

Getting into how far over is TOO far over is such a dumb hill to die on when you’re also sharing the road with dozens of people on their phones. You’re reaching. I share Read more

4:02 PM

Having ridden for a while, but not for a long time, predictability is a two-way street. Expecting just cagers to be predictable isn’t realistic. Safety is a proactive activity for everyone. For every crash caused by an inattentive driver “not seeing” a motorcycle, I see crashes caused by motorcyclists being Read more

8:35 PM

Kinja’s been doing that forever on mobile.

10:29 PM

As long as I make more than I spend and put something away for tomorrow, I will drive what I like, and won’t bemoan anyone who is similar. Being single helps with this. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, enjoy something today, whatever your fixation may be. I fear these are the good old days. Read more