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4:07 PM

Fair warnings on the Ranger. My 3.0 Mazda only left me stranded a few times, the most dangerous of which was the tie rod end cutting loose at speed. The other two times were both the distributor. The cam shaft gear which drives the distributor is significantly harder than the distributor gear. I drove it long enough Read more

3:04 PM

I’m waiting for an ad about parts and upgrades for my 2003 Odyssey. 

5:41 PM

I always figured that little shit with his finger in the dam would just leave and flood the countryside during an invasion. 

4:26 PM

This post and all the comments makes me so happy. It’s so rare to come across anything like this on a “mainstream” site, and I love the visibility.

1:55 PM

I think you’ve both collided with the right answer here. Unfortunately no timestamp on the video, news accounts say that the collision was mid-day. The tidal peak for the day was at 1:20PM and there is about a 5.5 ft difference between high and low tide. Read more

1:44 PM

From what little I know, something like having a 10 minute delay before heading out can lead to you fighting the incoming tide and lead to you arriving at the bridge 45 minutes or so later than you were scheduled. If you don’t update your calculations that 45 minutes can mean the difference of another day in the Read more

1:33 PM

Also possible the tide played a factor in raising the ship up just a scoche higher than the captain anticipated. Read more

1:17 PM

Finally the Dutch have a defence against German invasion.

9:35 AM

You seriously can't imagine the homophobic corners of car culture? I'm not talking about you and me and Jalopnik (for the most part). 

3:46 AM

In my experience, car nerd culture tends to have disproportionately many gay people, for DINK type reasons. Too bad some corners of the culture are so homophobic. I know a few gay guys in the vintage MB world who go to great pains not to disclose the gender of their significant other while discussing their lives with Read more

6:42 PM

I didn’t think I’d see the words “leather fetish” published on this site, but I’m proud to be the first. And let’s discuss the convenience of a Jeep Wrangler: windshield down, good conversation with your fellow leather enthusiast lying on your hood. Pretty sure these folks are enjoying the open-air freedom of a