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7:44 PM

I mean, I did have money, I just didn’t want to spend it all on getting tows then a U-Haul. The truck will set me back an additional $800 but I’ll get it back. By not getting a tow I saved some coin.

6:04 PM

That’s not the fault of Jalopnik. Ads are controlled by the owners (Great Hill Partners), and considering the whole Deadspin fiasco, I’m not surprised they allow ads like these.

12:43 PM

The low risk group (us young people) are carriers for the high risk group. We’ll just feel no worse than a common cold. However, with that incubation period of 14 days we can easily pass it onto a vulnerable person (old person, someone with a compromised immune system, unvaccinated children, etc) before we know we Read more

9:40 AM

The one above is a different, older generation. :) As far as I can tell, all B5.5s like mine have the chrome strips. If my car has any option, it’s the nifty turn signals in the mirrors. Otherwise, there’s nothing to write home about. Vinyl seats, a Monsoon stereo that blows a speaker if you give it bass, etc. lol Read more

9:21 AM

The lack of a sunroof and existence of wheel covers plus manual suggests that it’s a base model Passat. Rare as they are, they do exist! My B5.5 TDI is a base model with wheels taken off a much newer VW. I’m cool with that as sunroof leaks are pretty much guaranteed and catastrophic.

9:15 AM

CP. While not a manual, I got a B5.5 TDI for $600. Then I tossed on some wheels off a Dieselgate car for $300. Just has a boost leak which I’m pretty sure can be fixed for a whole lot less bones than the car in this article.