Miss Mercedes ♥✈ Buell Fangirl
12:02 PM

I can name a large local Subaru group, for starters. They treat the trans member of the group extremely poorly for no good reason. Group is basically just a bunch of bros that think they can offroad because they took their lowered Impreza on a dirt road. Read more

7:35 AM

Former landlord as well with a hard agree. First tenant turned the house into a drug drive thru and vandalized the house. Second tenant was a violent domestic abuser and you could not be in the same room with him with cash or a debit card, he’d steal it while you’re not looking. Third tenant decided nah, he’ll just Read more

1:27 PM

We’ve had that in Illinois since May. I like it! Now I don’t have to take off my helmet to go shopping. Just stroll right in wearing my giant “face covering”. Bonus points for a mask under the helmet. Read more

11:14 AM

You'll probably hit highway speed on it. But beware, a vintage scoot like that is not something you want to ride regularly. When it breaks parts will be rare and expensive.