Jul 10

People who dont stand in the middle of the road get hit 0% of the time. True story.

Jul 9

I mean, I saw the sarcasm immediately. Would it have helped if he had said, “Bazinga” at the end?

Jul 8

I have to admit that I am simply amazed at the lack of logic from folks on the left.  They just leave me speechless.

Jul 6

Here we go again with politics on Jalopnik

Please stop


Jul 2

2nd gear: People are coming out from isolation so of course cases are going to go up. Places like CA are going up too and they locked down plenty early and are wearing masks and following all the rules. Read more

Jun 30

Don’t bother wasting your time. Erik doesnt like cars.

Jun 30

I haven’t been active on Facebook for years because I want quality content in my life not viral garbage, so I’m happy automakers are now coming around to this view. Read more

Jun 25

This looks like the old one was run through one of those filters emulators had to make old games look smoother.

Jun 24

All this for a garage door strap that’s been there for months... modern outrage culture at it’s best

Jun 24

I blame the affiliation with Bass Pro Shops for teaching crews how to tie no-slip knots, which are common for attaching fishing lures

Jun 24

So the current “explanation” going around my racist family is that it was the pull handle for the garage.” Read more

Jun 11

Slapping Mustang on a pig and praying it’s sexy enough to sell just isn’t enough to get the referees of capitalism to like you. Read more

Jun 11

One of these days, right? How many more years do we have to hear this speech? ICE vehicles aren’t going anywhere. EVs aren’t new. They’ve been around for a long time now. Even Tesla. Guess what? No one is buying them. Sales actually decreased in the US by 7% last year. Maybe there’s a future in the car industry where Read more