Aug 26

This has been the federal government’s coronavirus response in a nutshell: begrudgingly ordering up a half-baked solution it didn’t even end up using all that much. Read more

Aug 13

It feels unhinged because it is unhinged. 2018-2019 US sales were flat for Tesla (191.6K vs 192.3). 2020 numbers will be useless for comparison because of COVID. Tesla is losing momentum i Europe as other competitive offerings come available. Read more

Aug 13

I hope Cadillac’s ambitions for its electric program are modest. Tesla sold about as many cars globally last year as the Chevy Equinox sold in the U.S. alone.
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Aug 7

I suspect GM will get their revenge when they continue with their relatively rational and competent product rollout over the next decade and the vaporware companies begin to fall by the roadside as few or none of them end up delivering on their lofty promises. Read more

Aug 6

Current Jalopnik staff hate GM and that’s all there is to it. If this was a Lexus or Infiniti the tone and title would’ve been drastically different. Hoping your new EIC can clean the staff up, this isn't what Jalopnik was built on.

Jul 29

I am always happy to criticize the NYPD and have attended many a protest in my lifetime, but facts matter in a story like this and it does a disservice not to include more information. There is record of the person involved vandalizing public safety cameras around the city. Now, we might try out the rhetoric that Read more

Jul 29

Despite NYPD’s claims, the videos posted of the event show no bottles or rocks being thrown as these men snatched up the protester and hustled her into an unmarked minivan, though clearly marked cops on Trek-brand bikes can be seen maintaining a perimeter around the kidnapping Read more