Jul 29

Do rioters and looters have any agency? They were peaceful till umbrella guy came by, but then they had no other option than to burn down Target. It wasn’t their fault, they had no other options!

(You all are insane)

Jul 16

I’m more surprised it doesn’t say “Ford” anywhere on the vehicle.

Jun 24

Good thing he doesn’t ride the bus, the most racist form of transportation

Jun 24

No mention of NASCAR and Noosegate? After it came yesterday it was all a hoax, a disgusting publicity stunt to use racial tensions to increase ratings? After all the stories here pushing it just days ago? I think this illustrates the real purpose of identity politics fairly well. Its not about racism, never was. Its Read more

Jun 4

Tesla also added a titanium plate after the first year or so of production because road debris was puncturing batteries which made quick battery changes impossible.  What you posted was also true but that added plate sealed the deal.

Jun 2

No, its all about Identity Politics these days. Thats all we do. Group bunches of people up and then get them to fight each other.

May 31

You have matching vids for the other 170 businesses destroyed there that night?

May 31

No, justice comes from burning down an Autozone and looting a Target...ha!

May 31

Yes, if rioters want to hurt you, destroy your property, or burn down your business, it is only polite to give them free reign and let them have their way with you. Only rioters and looters may injure, kill, and destroy.

May 31

Oh I’m sorry, I forgot the rules. If rioters want to hurt you, destory your property, or burn down your business, it is only polite to give them free reign and let them have their way with you. Anything less is somehow supporting some cop in another state.

May 31

There’s a difference between running over a bunch of people on a walking path minding their own business vs accelerating out of an angry mob that’s blocking the street and attacking you. Comparing these to ISIS is a bit of a false equivalency.

May 30

GM holds the price ridiculously low for another year on what is one of the most significant sports cars in recent history and Jalopnik still tries to spin it negative ending the article with I’ve been had once again.”  Ha!

May 8

At one point CD rates got up to 20%. I’ve seen a promotional deal on one that was 25%. High inflation is no good. (watches nervously as Fed print trillions of dollars during current pandemic)

Apr 23

This article, these comments....Jalopnik has become the car news website for people that don’t like cars. “Screw 1000hp AWD sports cars, we need more Hyundai!”

Apr 9

“We haven’t hit the peak here, by a long shot, and even the best case scenario is still six figures’ worth of death”

I’m seeing peak possibly in a few days and death projections around 60K with best case as low as 30K.   Read more

Apr 8

That’s investors calling Ford/GM a huge long-term risk.”

No, thats just FOMO investing. Tesla’s value has nothing to do with anything but hope and hype. The suggestion that Tesla is on better financial footing than any of the big three is quite amusing, though.