4:14 PM

Sorry, but if a person who identifies as a woman is not on HRT and still has the testosterone level of a biological man, they will almost certainly beat nearly every woman in nearly every sport. Read more

4:53 PM

Rick Moranis coming back on his own terms is pretty cool. He was unhappy with the direction of his career and had 2 young kids he was raising alone after his wife passed from cancer. Read more

5:55 PM

It just goes straight to your cerebral cortex. There’s no sense trying to pretend it’s not funny.

1:08 PM

I totally believe Ujiri did this , and should be punished . Banish him to the NY Knicks. Please . Please for the love of....I’ve said too much. 

1:03 PM

I got to see Book of Mormon last fall and it was absolutely hysterical and well-written. Half the songs have been stuck in my head for months now. It’s definitely worth seeing, or at least getting the cast recording for.

12:32 PM

Nt only does it hold up, but people forget what what a huge hit it was at the time. Truly transgressive. I remember sitting in packed theaters watching it with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, all laughing in hysterical disbelief at what we were seeing and how great it was. It cemented South Park into popular Read more

12:24 PM

If you’ve never seen “Cannibal: The Musical” (student film by the South Park guys) then give it a shot. It has some absolutely delightful music, besides being funny as hell. There is a lot of over-the-top gore, the majority of which comes in the first couple of minutes.  If you can get past that, then you’ll be fine Read more

11:49 AM

They South Park boys are a lot of things, good and bad, but boy do they have a true passion for musicals. Love how they got their teacher, the great American experimental filmmaker, Stan Brakhage, to be in Cannibal! The Musical.

9:02 AM

I’ve always rolled my eyes when people exclaimed Rogue One is their favorite of the Disney Star Wars films and that it is pretty far up their list of Star Wars films in general. BUT, with Rise of Skywalker finally released I decided to do a rewatch of all of Disney’s Star Wars output and now I have to agree. The main Read more

1:31 PM

Tony Hale has a great interview on Rupaul’s podcast discussing this, and also him and his wife picking up Liza in their crappy mini van for dinner while she sang broadway tunes in the backseat (first real paying gig hence the crappy minivan) .

9:50 AM

I think Bieber looks strikingly similar to Ruby Rose in the picture in the article.

1:13 PM

I feel like there will be a lot of hot goss from the John Mayer references and stuff like that. She’s obviously putting it all out there in this book, which likely means it will be a good read (beyond sharing her personal story of abuse, which is not salacious).

4:18 PM

I’m all for reminding people that Bryant was credibly accused of rape but I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch over a 21 year-old sleeping with a 17 year-old...

4:15 PM

Complicated is right. I’ve always been annoyed by Bryant’s cannonization (which of course started well before his untimely death), and I thought about and often brought up his rape accusation and that poor woman being hounded outside her dorm room when i’d see the latest Kobe love and adulation. But. Now he’s dead and Read more

1:59 AM

While I like Abyss as a film it’s the behind the scenes stuff that leaves me gobsmacked. Filming underwater scenes, well, underwater is fairly ambitious when you’re doing, oh, Jaws for example. When your movie has an enormous underwater lab, mini-subs and, oh yes, fluid suits that don’t actually exist so leave your Read more