7:36 PM

“The Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi was not the kind of Luke that could toss one of his father’s lightsabers over his shoulder like a piece of junk.” Read more

7:07 PM

There’s a listing for a 13 or 14 year old actress playing a character named Kestra on IMDB. Given the age of the actress and the fact that it’s also the name of Deanna’s sister, it seems she’s more than likely playing their kid and that that’s what they named her.

5:55 PM

I see a lot of hate for the idea that the Federation has fallen, but I’ll straight up admit that this is something I wanted to see for a while, what the far future of the Star Trek universe could look like, what would these species and technology and worlds be like that far removed from out point of reference. There Read more

11:58 PM

Im sure Todd Phillips, director of the critically acclaimed School for Scoundrels, Hangover part 3, and the Starsky and Hutch remake has a lot of really interesting and mentally stimulating things to say about the fragility of male ego. Those God dang libs are treating him and this movie (that definitely won’t glorify Read more

4:15 PM

There may have been an article edit, but I think that it says 36 hundred.

2:38 PM

Didn’t know N.K. Jemisin was writing a comic. I will now read it just for her.

1:35 PM

I dunno about Cain.  His politics are at odds with the Supergirl cast/show message right now.  That said, if you’re gonna assemble them, assemble them ALL

10:43 AM

Unless they really, really hate Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher, which based on his politics & stories about what she was like behind the scenes on Desperate Housewives I would not rule out, I bet we will see them in the crossover too & it just hasn’t been announced yet. I hope so, Teri Hatcher is my favorite Lois Lane other Read more

4:21 PM

I’m trying not to get excited about something I made up myself, but what if the next big team up movie is Dr. Strange, Blade, and Ghost Rider taking down Dracula...on the Moon?

11:13 AM

I wonder how much having four supporting actress nominations led to some vote splitting.

5:22 PM

I’m in the Star Trek Shitposting gronp on FB, and Aron was actually a member. He used to come in and tell jokes or even poke fun at himself. Many people have actually met him in public and by all accounts he was just a joy to be around. Read more

2:44 PM

The other great Nog episode I can think of is Treachery, Faith & the Great River, in which the B-plot is an O’Brien/Nog storyline. O’Brien is given an impossible task to complete by Sisko; repair the Defiant using parts that aren’t available in the allotted time so Sisko can go out and patrol, or it’s O’Brien’s ass. Read more

1:49 PM

Poor fellow. Too young.

Elevated what could’ve been a do-nothing recurring guest star, and the writers clearly recognized his abilities, because they gave him showcase episodes. Never would’ve seen that coming when he was just Jake’s sidekick in the early seasons.

1:01 PM

Maaaan.... I felt Nog so annoying at the beginning but by the end of the show, after seeing his arc develop, after seeing his character grow, he became my favorite character in Deep Space Nine.  It’s Only A Paper Moon is such a beautiful episode of Star Trek.  Aron was a true talent.

12:01 PM

I just re-watched the DS9 episode “It’s Only a Paper Moon” in his honor and memory. The work he did there, especially in scenes with James Darren, really is remarkable. R.I.P. sir, and thank you. The Ferengi Divine Treasury is enriched even as we feel your loss.

11:48 AM

Oh man. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard all morning. Nog and Jake friends in all universes. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!