Aug 29

Because the alt right, and by extension the Republican Party itself, is increasingly reliant on conspiracy theories to peddle its bullshit.  Yes, I remember the days when conspiracy theories seemed relatively harmless; now they’re increasingly taking on a political bent, and typically cast people on the left as Read more

Aug 22

It’s nice to see Sinbad return to the DC universe. 

Aug 22

Ummm you do realize there’s a major media event by a massive comic book company happening right now. There’s a reason there are so many stories. You also can continue scrolling or come back tomorrow. 

Aug 22

The dude is an obsessed businessman who made his costume & all his equipment bat-themed. Why wouldn’t he name himself?

Aug 22

Oh god. Polka-Dot man on the big screen.

Aug 22

And, while the video doesn’t quite explain how some of director David Ayer’s stars are coming back, we do find out it’s a period piece set in the Seventies. Read more

Aug 22

I’m pretty sure this is a different Batgirl---in the Arkham game timeline, Barbara Gordon is already Oracle, and we see her in front of her computers in the trailer. 

Aug 22

It has coop but that doesn’t mean it’s a GaaS. It does appear that it’s introducing some more RPG mechanics but we really don’t know that much about the structure so I’m not planning to form a whole lot of opinions yet.

I wonder if this is a sequel to Arkham Knight or if it’s it’s own thing that has a beginning very Read more

Aug 21

You can spend a day trying to resolve all the logical dead ends of that film. Better to just appreciate the better parts of the film already highlighted here without getting lost in those details. Really cool action, with compelling self-actualization bent. Read more

Aug 13

But Epic still sets the terms. If 2K said “actually, we’re not going to give you anything, we’ll sell our game via PayPal and still let players download from your servers,” do you think Epic would be fine and dandy with that? 

Aug 13

Tim Sweeney literally runs a game store. In which he collects a portion of all purchases before paying the remainder to publishers. Read more

Jul 26

Considering that Pa Kent told Clark “you should let the weak die”, it’s not a surprise Snyder would go that way

Jul 26

You know it’s not part of his “evolution” in the comics, right? It’s a solar suit to help him absorb sunlight because he’s weakened - something that seems like it won’t be a part of the Snyder Cut. All Snyder would have had to do in talking to WB is hold up a page from the Return of Superman trade paperback and say, Read more

Jul 19

Those are Dust Masks. N95s have double straps for a tight fit.

Jun 11

In what world is this not “white” - No, it’s not #fff digital lead white, but that is clearly a shade of white. Is yours is suffering from severe yellowing?

Jun 11

I dunno, I don’t think any playstation looks timeless. The only one that comes close is the PS4 and that’s because it’s very boring. I’d rather have interesting that generic.

Dec 3

“I will be haunted by my mistake forever,” said the well-meaning but misguided video game podcast host. Read more