Sidney Fussell
Of course I have pages. I had pages five years ago. How anyone can believe I don’t defies belief.

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Feb 26 2018

I hope someone donates a cellphone to this woman if she doesn’t have one. Even a cellphone without service can make outgoing 911 calls.

Feb 7 2018

Ah, I was confused until I realized that you think saying Muslim Lives Matter is a call to violence.

Dec 5 2017

Can I just say that Superhot VR, bugs and all, is one of my favourite gaming experiences of 2017, and by far the best VR experience I’ve ever had?

Dec 4 2017

I still think that “armchair tourism” is the best bet for VR to take off for any kind of mainstream success. Let’s be honest most people don’t have an entire room of half a room to COMPLETELY clear of any and everything you WILL trip on by trying to walk around in the virtual/real world. And until a viable not crazy Read more

Dec 4 2017

Skyrim VR is probably the best of the “the same thing but in VR” titles, but hopefully it signals the end of them. [...] developers need to start thinking natively in VR now if VR is to stand on its own... Read more

Nov 16 2017

There is absolutely no model that can tell you who is “statistically predisposed” to terrorism. No credible counter-terror scholar will sign off on that. Radicalization as a process is similar between cases, but the individual circumstances vary greatly. There’s no “type” that can be detected at a distance.

Oct 26 2017

Extensive research into the bail system has disproven basically everything you just stated. Read more

Sep 29 2017

Indentured servitude, wow. Welcome to the modern age of slavery.

Sep 8 2017

Seems it would be more pertinent to do an algorithm pattern study of racists rather than gays. Who’s paying for this study now??

Jul 19 2017

The video (that is, the 30 second buffer) begins just as he places the red soup can down. If you pause the video about a second in to get a view of the can, you can see the plastic baggie poking out the top. He then arranges that busted up wooden step ladder(?) and begins to leave. Once he turns the camera back on, it

Jun 29 2017

Nobody complained when io9 had 25 articles on Mad Max: Fury Road, but post 2 on Baby Driver and people start thinking Wright’s ball are being gargled.