Muírann Ní Sídach
Feb 18 2018

I’m not aware of any serious model of autism which describes it as a degenerative disorder, so I’m not sure how “rate of damage” could be in any way meaningful.

Jan 24 2018

Yes, it counts. People who play nothing but mobile games are also “avid gamers.” Just because he’s not posting videos of himself playing the Witcher 3 and horizon doesn’t make him any less of a gamer. Read more

Jan 24 2018

People who are legitimately mad about this need to remove the sticks from their asses. Read more

Jan 16 2018

Out of state residents are charged a total cost of $45,316 which is 57.2% higher than Alabama residents. The tuition charge is $26,950 while room and board is $13,050, books and supplies are $1,200 and other fees come in at $0. Read more