5 episodes of The Golden Girls that prove how great life’s second act can be

In 5 To Watch, five writers from The A.V. Club look at the latest streaming TV arrivals, each making the case for a favored episode. The reasons for their picks might differ, but they can all agree that each episode is a must-watch. In this installment: The Golden Girls, all episodes of which are now streaming on Hulu.

“That which we call a rose by any other name would totally freak out,” posits Fresh Off The Boat


Juliet (you know the one) once asked “What’s in a name?” Of course, she then also immediately asks Romeo to change his name (as if that would’ve solved all their problems?) because Juliet knew that names carry meaning for ourselves and those around us, whether we like it or not. “Hi, My Name Is…” attempts to answer…

FOTB takes two to make a thing go right: One person to give orders, one to take them


I believe it was Mark Twain who wrote, in the twilight years of his long life, “The meter of a truly great TV episode is marked by the viewer yelling from the couch: ‘Now we’re cookin’ with fire! Wooo-ey this is some good TV!’” A wise man; true words. As relevant the day he wrote them as last night, when my roommate…

It’s a classic case of “he doesn’t say what he feels/she doesn’t say she feels/why won’t anyone say what they feel”

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