Italian comics master Manuele Fior plays with form and style in the enormously entertaining Blackbird Days


In Blackbird Days (Fantagraphics Books) the Italian master Manuele Fior plays with form and style in a series of experimental shorts, some of which appear like brief notes on a scene, while others are more elaborated and developed narratives. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but the collection’s final story, “Gare…

The striking, uncomfortable, poetic Yellow Negroes And Other Imaginary Creatures is a must-read comic  


The first story in Yellow Negroes And Other Imaginary Creatures (New York Review Comics) is titled “Love,” and in a few brief pages establishes the modus operandi of the collection’s author, Yvan Alagbé. What begins as an assortment of seemingly inchoate lines slowly, over one image and then the next, reveals itself…

The A.V. Club’s favorite books of 2017

Something about this year made reading books feel not just crucial, but a little bit transgressive. Maybe it’s the assault on education and freedom of the press, or maybe it’s just that between reading new reports of abusive men and Trump’s latest attempt to chokehold the nation, simply reading for pleasure feels…

The beautifully drawn Voices In The Dark tries and fails to find sympathy for a Nazi


The Argentine director Lucia Puenzo once described the Nazis’ political project as an attempt to “modulate” the human race. This is the dimension of Nazism that Ulli Lust most insightfully picks up in her latest, Voices In The Dark (New York Review Comics). An adaptation of the German novel The Karnau Tapes, Lust’s…

Mister Miracle spirals out of control in his dazzling new comic

There’s a real temptation to just tell people to read Mitch Gerads and Tom King’s Mister Miracle #1 (DC) and leave it at that. This team is a solid one with a lot of skill, and after their work on The Sheriff Of Babylon it really shouldn’t be a hard sell to get this issue into people’s hands.