Shawn Cooke
May 17 2018

Where was it suggested that this review of Deadpool would be objective?

Mar 30 2018

This is all solid advice, but one to add is calling the venue. Usually they’ll release a few extra tickets day of or just have some at the door (arrive early).

Last weekend I got two tickets to a “sold out” Last Revel show via the Facebook event page for $0.66 below face value. It’s really nice to be able to verify Read more

Mar 14 2018

Is this ... gross? It seems gross.

There’s probably a conversation to be had about the difference (or the lack of difference) in a pop-up shop in the name of an established act (Price, Hendrix) vs one in the name of a lesser-known but on-the-rise talent. I suppose either way it comes off as cashing in on something.

I Read more

Mar 4 2018

St. Vincent will apparently be joining Sufjan Stevens on stage, so it should be a mini indie-fest.

Feb 2 2018

This song’s continued resonance is total delight. I hope Meek Mill dines off it with street-rap knuckleheads for the rest of his life.

Jan 22 2018

Eek. I think you guys were a little odd in your judgements. You went by gut-feelings not actual song quality. The songs are well-produced, sound good, and certainly have play value. I know music is selective, but you sound like a bunch of 15 year olds, not actually critiquing anything other than “wow I didn’t like Read more

Jan 17 2018

I guess we all should have been suspicious with lyrics like

“Where are you
Please believe in me
I’m not hanging up the phone
Until I hear you say
You agree to pay $199 to access this exciting information regarding pre-foreclosure homes and also all sales are final”

Jan 14 2018

Typical boring music critic who hates anything considered mainstream. And yes, Em is obviously mainstream now but doesn’t mean he won’t put on an electrifying show. Guys like you hate anything once it’s popular or the artist is over 40. Fuck off

Jan 4 2018

Titus Andronicus records, ranked:

1) The Monitor (Great!)
2) Most Lamentable Tragedy (Very Good!)
3) Local Business (Good!)
4) The Airing of Grievances (Good!)

Dec 28 2017

No way. Are you kidding me? Two sentences into this. When? When was he “guilty?” There hasn’t been a factual investigation. There hasn’t been a trial. There hasn’t even been an admission of guilt. If anyone could show me just one of those three things, I would change my tune very quickly. Until then, I stand behind Read more

Dec 24 2017

Love the album but holy fuck this review is terrible. Talk about the fucking music not politics.