May 21 2015

I’m wicked excited as well but why the seaport area? It makes too much sense logistically and it’s too convenient to set up. They should race in the north end instead.

May 20 2015

Looks more disappointed that you went to Tufts instead of Harvard.

May 12 2015

I cant believe the guy who writes about personal transportation needs in a world where squids are the dominant lifeform, fiat 500’s with Hellcat engines, and car parts made of organic tissue gets to go to the fuckin Milla Milglia

May 9 2015

I read the MySky roof is coming this summer. That should work into your plans, but you may want to talk to a dealer ahead of time to get one with the sky roof and everything else

May 9 2015

Try 16 weeks. They’re going to send us batches so I’m hoping to order for people then catch one in a batch that is “close enough” for them in the meantime. This will allow us to receive their custom order 16 weeks down the road and sell it on the lot. Read more

May 8 2015

I just had the conversation about the My Sky with my local dealer. He said they don’t even have the option to custom order with those yet. Also, lead time on orders is 4 months here in Michigan (yay for buying a Jeep made in Italy).

May 8 2015

we are currently in Boston, and will be moving up to Wallingford, so probably will buy here, then go to the Brileya’s in Rutland for service. But thanks for your response to this! Are you able to order them now? I heard that there was an at least 8 week wait for any custom orders.

May 8 2015

Let me know what you’re looking for. We will be approving “batches” of Renegades to be sent over. If I see what you’re looking for, I’ll snatch it Read more

May 1 2015

“Speed is the most important thing: Pretend that Dennis Hopper has put a bomb on your motorcycle. If you let up on the accelerator, it’ll blow up.” Read more

Mar 27 2015

WRONG. Not having Zanardis Laguna Seca masterpiece not even on the list just is WRONG.

Mar 6 2015

Obviously he should go with the Flex. It should fit In the Garage, have plenty of room to take the family on Holiday, and he won't have the "Say it Ain't So" moments he'd have when getting Merc repair bills. Read more