Scouting For Zen
12:15 PM

My point is further illustrated by the fact that you can stick one of these engines in a car and make a high performance machine. I’m vividly aware of this and I’m looking forward to finding a wrecked 2020 CBR1000RR-R to upgrade my bike engine car to over 200 horsepower:

11:20 AM

Gonc was beloved by the Dakar community. Just a few stages ago he swapped out his entire engine, by himself, in the middle of the desert and continued on. A truck dropped off the engine and some tools and he just went to work. Amazing. Today, Red Bull TV, in a very classy move, did not engage in full coverage of the Read more

4:27 PM

What Matt didn’t say here is that this law was for non pedal assisted e-bikes.  Gizmodo really covered this better yesterday.