Scott Kidder
Sep 19 2017

I’m so glad, I literally spent an hour searching for a photo that would have this effect.

Jan 19 2016

Without any further comment, here’s one of the spokespersons of the protesting taxi drivers:

Jan 9 2015

"who was disinvited from speaking on a Gawker Media-sponsored panel for sending a reply-all to other speakers he had not yet met that simply said 'die'"

Jan 9 2015

The only time I've ever gone to a casino has been with Tommy Craggs. He's obsessed with following the probabilistic rules of proper gambling, focusing on "the process" instead of playing blackjack in a way that might possibly be enjoyable. It's like watching an old man slowly masturbating to CSPAN without any of the Read more

Jan 9 2015

At Nick Denton's wedding, one of the few images I remember vividly is Craggs grinding with his girlfriend up against a mirrored wall, completely shithoused, looking at himself in the mirror (tuxedo-clad, flawless, primal, sweaty) before looking down at her. Up and down, up and down, gyrating, shallow thrusts.