Product misplacement: 20-plus brands given unhelpful movie associations

1. The Ford Pinto, Cujo (1983) and Top Secret! (1984) 
The Ford Pinto, the subcompact economy car and running national joke on wheels, was retired in 1980 after years of being an affordable laughingstock. But Ford Motor Co. was still absorbing punchline after punchline well into the ’80s, whenever creative types needed…

Head up high, feet on the ground: 16 onscreen drug trips that don’t go over the top

1. Louie’s wasted afternoon: Louie, “Dogpound” (2010)
It isn’t easy to visually replicate the singular, internal experience of being high, which is why television and movies usually default to a handful of tropes: psychedelic imagery, weird camera angles and cuts, and often, overblown histrionics and hilariously…

Comedy Bang! Bang! doubles down on El Chupacabra and Walking The Room returns to the closet

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