February 13, 2012

Creator: Colaboratory
Platforms: iPhone/iPad (Universal Binary)
Played on: iPad
Price: $1.99
There are people who are good at Tetris and there are people who are good at Boggle. Those who are in the middle of that Venn diagram can count themselves lucky when playing Puzzlejuice, which tests—nay, taxes—players’…

The best games of 2011 

‪We assembled our top-10 list in the usual way. All of the regular contributors to The A.V. Club’s game section made a bunch of ballots with numbers on them. We added the numbers up. We talked over the list and tweaked it. We cheated with a couple of ties, because we can.

October 31, 2011

Mercury Hg
Creator: Ignition Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Played on: Xbox 360
Price: $5
Like its predecessor, Mercury Meltdown, (which traces its heritage to Marble Madness), this action-puzzle hybrid requires you to navigate a puddle of goo from one end of a map to the next, not by moving it directly,…

June 6, 2011

Creator: Ian Snyder
Platform: Browser
Price: Free
Ambia is slightly reminiscent of old, old puzzle-action games like Adventures Of Lolo, only it replaces block-moving with gun-shooting—and the difficulty comes in figuring out the order in which you should blast enemies. Generally speaking, you want to kill…

January 31, 2011

Grand Mystic Quest Of Discovery
Creator: Hulahulahest
Platform: Browser
Price: Free
Grand Mystic Quest Of Discovery borrows its story from the first Legend Of Zelda game, in that there really isn't one from the start. (Not even so much as an old man to say "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.") Instead, the story is…