A Self Loathing Mustang Guy
Feb 25 2014

A few years back I was delivering pizzas as a second job. Lots of people were giving me shit for having nicer vehicles than them, so they felt they didn't need to tip me. I picked up this lovely 91 s10-noma for $150, and the tips started rolling in. I put about 12,000 miles on the truck in roughly 9 months between the

Feb 14 2014

Jalops need to be safe. It isn't just the "other guy" you have to worry about. Ice, poor visibility and plain bad luck can happen to anyone. I hope no one was seriously injured.

Nov 20 2013

I don't like it. It's trying way too hard, and I can't even tell what it's trying to do.

Oct 16 2013

For no particular reason, I've always wanted a Lada. This does not help.

Sep 27 2013

Side marker light is lower down and separate from the main light assembly

Sep 26 2013

Yippee, another GT90. You're not going to like it. I know I won't

Aug 1 2013

How long does it take you to get accustomed to a new car that you haven't hooned before? Any seasoned driver can drive an unfamiliar car @ 5/10ths out of the box, but it's unlikely that many of us could drive @ 11/10ths without significant seat time. Read more