Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York. He likes beer, less traveled airports, and is allergic to grasshoppers (the insect, not the mixed drink.)
Jun 30

My weirdest thing is with pancakes. They must be silver dollar sized, I have to have them cut into like little pizza slices (little triangles) and they have to be eaten with warm sugar free syrup. Now the clencher is, I have to eat them with my fingers. Bc my fingers allow me to put just the right amount of syrup on Read more

Apr 20

I’ve done this. In 2002 I went with a delegation from Hot Springs, AR to Hanamaki, our sister city, in Iwate Prefecture. I was documenting the trip for our 10th anniversary of the relationship, and it was literally a life-changing experience. Less than ayear later I’d resigned and was living abroad. Read more