Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York. He likes beer, less traveled airports, and is allergic to grasshoppers (the insect, not the mixed drink.)
Jun 29

I will give you my blessing to use this name, but you’re only allowed to play covers of Joy Division or Tears for Fears

Jun 11

I am lamenting that I didn’t somehow work one of these references into the headline

May 19

This type of flawed, lazy commentary about Chinese food has existed for decades (if not centuries), and relies on overtly racist tropes about food—invariably prepared by minorities—being “unclean.” Take notice folks, this is not an old-timey problem. Just within the past year a Chinese restaurant in New York city run Read more

May 18

The part of the story with tips on how to use it appears towards the bottom of the article. What it really comes down to is use it as you would salt, starting with a small amount and then gradually adding more until you reach a point where you’re satisfied with the flavor. You mentioned that you’re adding it to meat Read more

May 8

because we’re all actually in the evil timeline and somewhere out there in the multiverse there’s the original, uncorrupted Earth where things actually operate like they’re supposed to.

Apr 22

Fifteen bowls of wanko soba is equal to one regular-sized serving, and Azumaya rewards you with a certificate of achievement if you’re able to make it through 100 bowls or more. While I was granted a certificate certifying how much I ate (as well as a small wooden ornament), my own record is a paltry 62, and Hallams

Apr 21

I was told there are no explicit rules saying you can’t take a break, but it’s not really socially acceptable. Japanese society is very much centered on social cohesiveness and there’s a sort of ingrained emphasis on fitting in and not drawing attention to yourself (which I think is one of the reasons Otaku culture is Read more

Apr 20

My photographer for this, Joy Asico, (who took the banner photo for this story) would like me to let everyone know that while I ate 62 bowls she ate 63 bowls. And as the person who wrote this story, I will also share that she did it just to spite me. I apologize this crucial detail didn’t make its way into the Read more

Apr 20

I’ve heard about the “belt of fat” theory, which says that the reasons it’s always skinny people who win eating contests is because there’s room for their stomach to expand, where as heavier people (such as myself) have a sort of belt of fat around their stomach which prevents expansion. Not sure how true that is Read more

Mar 26

Thanks for this! I was able to pull a bunch of additional distilleries from this article, including an entry for Australia.

Mar 25

Not a very good picture (certainly not as good as ones taken by the photographer I traveled with, Joy Asico (asicophoto.com), but this at least gives you a sense.

Mar 24

Actually, I’m pleased to say you are incorrect. The TTB waived those restrictions several days ago.

Mar 24

Thanks, but I can’t find anything to substantiate this. Do you have a link?

Mar 24

I left this one off the list because it’s not actually a distillery, just a facility that packages and blends alcohol for the larger conglomerate. My goal for this story was to list places people could contact directly to get hand sanitizer, and I don’t think this facility is at all public facing.