Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York. He likes beer, less traveled airports, and is allergic to grasshoppers (the insect, not the mixed drink.)
10/08/20 11:38AM

This is one of the funny things about orange wine, because it can come from multiple countries and involves some pretty funky production methods you can really get a huge range of flavors, and significant variability within the style. And sure, while that’s true of any wine, orange wine has an unpredictability to it. Read more

9/10/20 5:44PM

One of the best episodes of King of the Hill, hands down, was the one where they reveal that Hank’s cousin Dusty is Dusty Hill of ZZ Top.

8/20/20 1:09PM

You’re certainly not alone here. Consumer preferences are often tied to season, and I’m definitely in the same boat as you are in terms of my own hot weather alcohol preferences. We’ve spent a lot of time drinking Albariño and sauvignon blanc this summer. Read more

8/13/20 4:02PM

I’ve flown business to Japan twice (insanely inexpensive frequent flier miles deals) and both times was served elaborate, multi-course meals that ended with custom-made ice cream sundaes served in glass bowls. The business class experience changes dramatically depending on the airline and the length of the flight.

8/13/20 3:55PM

Amazingly, this does seem to be the actual product. The name (from what I can tell) is supposed to evoke that moment when you look into the tired, dead eyes of the flight attendant serving you and select from their limited range of factory-farmed proteins. And people are buying these things! Voluntarily!!!

8/12/20 3:00PM

That’s not $3 a dozen for the consumer, that’s $3 a dozen wholesale. So, you’re really looking at $6-8 a dozen for the consumer.

8/11/20 1:25PM

Delivery services charge fees regardless of whether they actually provide the delivery. If you want to support your favorite businesses, call the restaurant directly and place the order outside of the digital platform. And ask them what their number is: some delivery companies list their own numbers on Google, instead Read more

8/05/20 8:45AM

This reminds me of a NYT story about Fong On, a tofu shop in NYC which was (recently, but pre-pandemic) resurrected by the previous owners’ son, who had no tofu making experience. Read more

8/04/20 7:43PM

A couple of years ago I saw something (likely on Twitter) about how one way to prevent this type of loss from happening is to spend time taking video of family members (parents, grandparents, aunties, whoever) making the foods of our childhoods. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I certainly wish I’d done that with my Read more

8/04/20 7:13PM

I am very curious about what this dish might have been. Does your grandmother come from a particular cultural background, or from a certain geographical region? =Replicating the exact recipe through research would be a basically impossible task, but we might be able to narrow this down and try to figure out what the Read more

8/03/20 3:09PM

The demise of the seven layer burrito may be the only time in my entire life I’ve actually felt sad that a fast food menu item got axed. That shit was legitimately good!

7/31/20 3:12PM

Do you think this is supposed to be a knowing nod in the direction of Snow Crash, or just product placement run amok?

7/28/20 3:46PM

This replaces the wholesaler system. By bottling their own milk these companies drive wholesalers out of business. This means that grocery stores can charge less for milk than they ever have before (because they’re spending less money for it), which in turn squeezes farmers even tighter. It creates less competition, Read more