Stassa Edwards
Features editor. Writing at the intersection of women's health, politics, and history. Work at Lapham's Quarterly, Aeon, The Awl, Self, and Cabinet. Writing a book about hysteria.
Goodbye To All That Barf

Four years ago, we launched Barf Bag shortly after Donald Trump was elected to the presidency. Jezebel’s then

Melania Trump's Skewed Empathy

Shortly after Melania Trump promised that her husband would “bring us back... to the greatest economy and the

Dancing Through Our Bad Year

It was a warm July day when Frau Troffea began to dance. She walked out of her home, into the narrow streets of

They Were There All Along

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—This was supposed to be a story about the women who had decided to cast their vote for Amy

How to Get Away With Murder

The F.B.I. doesn’t know her name, but they do know that she’s dead. She may have been named Marianne or Mary Anne.