Lee Yancy
Jul 1

Eve players are the most unscrupulous monsters in gaming ever. This is strangely countered by the fact that in their own way, they’re generally awesome people.

Jul 18 2019

Others have threatened to not log in or even that they’ll cancel their accounts until the change is reversed.” Read more

Jun 28 2019

Starting for the first time in EVE is like one of those prison island movies. The new arrival is either found by the “altruistic” gang who takes them in and shows them the ropes (the 10% that stay), or they are eaten alive by the murder gang. Most probably give up because they fall victim to “creative use of gameplay Read more

Jun 21 2019

There are anti gank communities in high sec that actively defend ganked freighters with no expectations of pay. 

May 23 2019

My favorite EVE article was the one with whoever was hiding their massive battleships in wormhole space or however that was. Read more

Feb 20 2019

At least that funeral went better than...some of the earlier ones

Jan 10 2019

I could not have said better. I was a wormholer...wormholeer? Dweller of the non-local chat?... For 3 and some years. Part of a small corp, notorious for using high-end t3 cruisers to do horrible things to fleets three times our size. Read more

Jan 8 2019

Excellent write-up. I LOVE reading about EVE. Now I want the new season of The Expanse to start now!

Jan 8 2019

man i dunno what it is, but i absolutely LOVE eve drama.  Never had the desire to play it but I will read about this wild madness every time.  

Jan 8 2019

The learning curve isn’t as bad as many make out. It’s not a case of the game being complex in the sense of flying your ship etc, it’s just there are lots and lots of fairly simple gameplay components that all link together in a multitude of ways which allows for such a free wide range of diverse play styles and Read more

Jan 8 2019

I think it is a testament to your abilities as a writer to take such a complicated event like this one, with lots of moving pieces, confusing terminology, and inscrutably dense game mechanics for those not well-versed in the game itself, and create a thoroughly engaging and approachable narrative.  Thank you, and Read more

Jan 8 2019

Am I the only one that has a little bit of “Ender’s game” feeling? Like the annuls of EVE’s history will play out when we are a galaxy wide civilization? 

Jan 3 2019

None of this was made with fish in mind though. Those are tetras (actually a genetic manipulationn of white skirt tetras, a mutation of black skirt tetras). They tend to like more cover. Curved front tanks tend to stress fish as well. I wasnt sure if I saw a heater in the tank or no. All in all a very cool looking Read more