Lee Yancy
Jul 1

As far as I know, none of my assets were lost to the update, and if they were it was stuff I wont miss. After 5 years stuff gets misplaced all over the galaxy.  I did take part in some of the destruction though. 

Oct 31

I understand what you’re saying and why you want it, but I think the reason that you don’t see that is that it would make for terrible gameplay. EVE is complicated and hard enough to add the idea of someone who you can’t even see erases your ship without you even knowing they are there. Read more

Oct 30

They removed Interdiction Nullifications from the interceptors that are getting buffed in this patch a few months ago, and basically no one has flown one of them since. They’re giving them some extra raw damage, but leaving interdiction off, to attempt to entice people into flying them again. 

Jun 28 2019

Massive time investment is fair, it’s an MMORPG, and it demands attention. There is a terribly steep learning curve as well. However, the playerbase is typically only unforgiving to itself. New players are often treated with great care and attention. 

May 28 2019

I’ve mentioned T20 several times in my articles in the past. It was a major event that shaped the community in a way that will never be undone, but it was 12 years ago.

CCP’s current Internal policies forbid them from acting in any way in the leadership of in game groups, or even revealing their current pilot’s names Read more

May 23 2019

As an EVE player, I’m not sure I understand this. Are one of the coffees poisoned? Is it a distraction to steal the other persons car keys?

Feb 20 2019

I almost referenced this in the piece, but decided against it. It was on my mind though. Read more

Jan 11 2019

Everyone disconnects for daily downtime, but it only takes about 15 minutes. If you log in immediately once the servers are back online, you show up right where you left off. 

Jan 9 2019

EVE is a PvP game at its heart. There are PvE mechanics, missions, and some
“end game” level PvE content, but they’re all there mostly to support the PvP aspect. There is no top level raid, or any Mythic + type competition, the only widely recognized accolades in the community are PvP related. That’s why you see more Read more

Jan 8 2019

The publisher likes to call it the largest collective science fiction story ever told. 

Jan 8 2019

There’s Andrew Groen and his Empires of EVE books! He mostly covers the Nullsec Empires.

Jan 8 2019

There’s an outlook that settles in after you’ve played for a while. Your ship stops being a vehicle or a gun in your head, and starts becoming something more akin to ammunition. Especially in wormholes, it’s assumed that the moment you undock something and put it at risk, it’s forfeit. If you managed to bring it home Read more

Jan 8 2019

I’m sorry you had a bad introduction, there are basically two types of EVE players. Players that prey and feast on newbies, and players that try to grow and uplift them. Both groups do it for the same reason, to eventually shoot them and pick the goodies off of their corpse, but the latter understands that if you let ‘ Read more

Jan 3 2019

The support are actually part of the piece. They’re the ‘tether’ beams that anchor the ships to the Space Station in game. You can see them in the picture below: Read more

Nov 30 2018

Joining a corporation absolutely increases your enjoyment. You can play EVE in a solo bubble, but you’re missing out on quite a bit. Read more

Nov 29 2018

Hmm, I didn’t consider this angle. You could always have them mine for you?

Nov 29 2018

For anyone interested, there are ways to speed the skill learning process up now. They’re not necessary, but they exist. You can buy Skill Injectors from other players, earn skill accelerators in monthly events, and if you follow a recruit-a-friend link to start up, you get a small bonus. Check out my twitter feed for Read more