Sarah Seltzer
2:44 PM

And then the breakdown in the car after she finds out her necklace is fake and realizes Judah didn’t tell her about the offer from VIM. Like, that’s how it happens, at least for me. Infertility stuff happens and I’m fine, but it all comes out once something else bad happens.

2:12 PM

I loved how when she gets the news from the doctor, she doesn’t break down and cry or act devastated, she just sort of accepts it. I knew then, even before she reveals later that that was her 5th miscarriage, that it was something she’d experienced multiple times. That’s what it feels like - you can’t help but get Read more

1:38 PM

Yeah, that part really got me in the end too. In the beginning, her future descendant is comforting the viewer too - we all think everything will be okay because we see the “proof.” But in the end, our hopes and beliefs are just as crushed as Princess Carolyn’s are.

1:37 PM

To this day, my favorite (and in my mind, most devastating) Bojack episode was last season’s “That’s too much, man”, but damn, this season gave that episode a run for its money. At least for once, we get a genuinely positive season finale.

1:34 PM

The restaurant “Miss Carry” puns really hit home. Becasue that’s what it was like, these little things, people’s unrelated comments, that just dug into your loss in ways no one else knew was possible.

1:33 PM

These are the moments that keep me watching the show - the heartfelt ruminations on the human condition. I find the show’s humor unremarkable and often poorly written, but then PC’s miscarriage or Bojack being confronted by his terminal former partner bring me back in.

1:30 PM

The way the narrative was framed, with one of her future descendants narrating the episode, and then to find out it was figment of PC’s imagination, that she invented to comfort herself during a time of stress was so fucking heartbreaking. I think we all have these imaginary scenarios that work as coping mechanisms Read more

12:08 PM

No, only in America do women not get a proper maternity leave, and would have to sacrifice income to actually be with their newborn baby. It’s disgusting that this is how this country operates.

12:51 PM

Oh, you’ll still hear Republicans talking about “a culture of life” every time they make it harder for women to access reproductive health care. It makes me want to scream, “No, you don’t care about a culture of life because if you did, you would enact programs that protect pregnant women and the children once they’re Read more

12:19 PM

So right. Pregnant right now with my first and have been kept up at night thinking about what kind of world he will live in. This has end-stage capitalism stamped all over it.

11:51 AM

And let’s not even talk about how the current ruling generation have fucked this coming of age generation’s pensions, healthcare, housing, and quality of life while giving us a toxic planet to deal with before then expecting us to be grateful for that because at least there isn’t a war on.

4:44 PM

I loved this book so much. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to follow Selin into adulthood. It was so wonderful and so different.

4:40 PM

It sounds a little bit like Batuman is succesfully doing what Curtis Sittenfeld tried to do in her second novel.

4:13 PM

Did you read the first sentence of the article? Because the author literally says that in the first sentence.