Surprising songs in concert 

Have you ever attended the concert of a favorite band and been surprised by a song you never thought they’d play? I have seen Wilco several times, and at one show in 2010, they played the song “More Like The Moon” from an EP released around the time of A Ghost Is Born. Wilco is usually good about playing songs other

Fictional foods we want to try

If you could try any fictional food or drink, what do you think you’d go for? Personally, I’ve always wanted to score a bottle of Star Trek’s Romulan ale—and maybe have a Klingon raktajino lined up for my hangover later. Thanks! —Eli Jah Rasta

Best album-opening one-two punches

Scott Tobias asks: In a classic Scharpling & Wurster bit called “Kid eBay,” the last track on their album Hippie Justice, Wurster calls in as the eponymous online auction whiz-kid. Eventually, the conversation turns to this question: What is the best one-two punch to kick off an album? Wurster’s character submits

Pop culture too extensive to start

Your pop-culture resolutions for 2013 focused on stuff you finally plan on getting around to this year, which made me wonder, are there any cultural touchstones you’d like to get into, but that seem too extensive to even start? For me, this includes Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcasts. I’m sure

Watch Elliott Smith cover John Lennon and The Kinks in this Paul Thomas Anderson–directed video

Because Thursday’s as good a day as any for crying at work, a old video of Elliott Smith finally made its way to YouTube. The footage comes from an unaired VH1 pilot for a music-session show starring Jon Brion and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, from right around the time the two were collaborating on the Magnolia

The last of our best-of lists, our New Year’s resolutions, and more this week on The A.V. Club

New this week
We did a 10-day tour with VHS Or Beta last year, and now we’re using all the footage we collected to bring you with us. For the next three weeks, we’ll be showing two videos a week, each documenting a different night of the tour. We kicked off the tour in Newport, Kentucky at the historic Thompson House.

You’ve got to go on waiting for the miracle to come: 63 of our most anticipated entertainments of 2013

1. TV shows are back! (throughout the year)
You name it, and there’s a new season of it this spring or fall. Excited for more Mad Men? We’re betting that’s back in March again. How about Girls and Enlightened? They’re back in a matter of weeks! Dexter wraps up what will hopefully be its final season next fall, and…

Happy holidays… for now: The A.V. Club’s apocalypse-ready 2012 Gift Guide

December 2012: For two, maybe three years, humanity has dreaded its approach, thanks to a highly selective interpretation of the Mayan calendar exploited by New Age types and makers of crappy blockbuster films starring John Cusack. And now it’s here. So if the world is fated to end on December 21, what’s the point of…