May 5

Speaking of expectations - when you victim-shame, you can fully expect to get dragged for it.

Apr 23

Absolutely. Aya is obviously brilliant throughout, and didn’t get nearly enough love. Borges started out as kind of a weird character but they grounded him pretty well and that episode focusing on his PTSD is one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen.

Apr 23

Aya Cash is severely underrated even with the praise she is finally starting to get. Quite frankly all the cast from You’re the Worst are criminally underappreciated but her portrayal of depression/mental health issues as well as Desmin Borges’ portrayal of PTSD are fucking brilliant.

Apr 15

my favourite part of the movie was the depiction of rehab. I went last year for cocaine and this movie really captured the stillness and peacefulness of rehab which you rarely see, as well as the relationships made.

Apr 8

I think a new angle at this type of political commentary (if that is indeed what he is going to do) would be to offer viewers actionable, real, small and large steps that they can take to try to affect change. Read more

Apr 2

One little scene that gets this idea across nicely is when Bruce asks Alfred, who was once tasked to find a bandit in a situation that always seemed to me to not be entirely legitimate, how he succeeded. Alfred responds, “We burnt the forest down.” Once you start on an extreme path, an extreme solution is essentially Read more

Apr 2

The Dark Knight is a wonderful, awe-inspiring film, though I maintain that Memento and (especially) the overlooked Prestige are his best works. Both movies are built around mysteries where you don’t really know you’re watching a mystery until the final sequence, when everything clicks together and the horrible truth Read more

Mar 23

This whole situation in Hollywood feels like a new Chris Rock bit. “’I ain’t never sexually harassed/assaulted anybody!’ What do you want, a cookie?!? You’re not supposed to sexually harass/assault anybody, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!”

Mar 22

“Consenting to one thing doesn’t mean you consent to everything” is, like, 101-level and you still managed to fail. 

Mar 19

Ratatouille was the #11 highest grossing movie of the year. My weird invented arbitrary rules say that a movie has to be in the top 10 to get considered.

Mar 11

It would have, but her star has fallen. Note that is just “character actress” and not the old “beloved character actress”.

Mar 8

Schmidt fucked the captain's daughter! Schmidt fucked the captain's daughter!

Mar 3

The cool thing is I’d never given a moment’s thought to the fact that that title couldn’t have been trivial to do. Now that I know, I see licks of flame and melting goo behind the letters in the original.