Samuel Wadhams
Dec 7 2015

My dad is retired, and has a rat problem in his backyard due to his fruit trees and the neighbor behind him that has backyard that would make Fred Sanford cry. According to him, the best bait are sardines. He calls me almost every day, and his first words are “Got another rat!!”

Oct 19 2015

Some unsolicited advice, from someone who has hiked 150 mile weeks, each of the last three summers. (That sounds really douchey. Sorry.) Read more

Oct 19 2015

I have 10K miles of experience climbing up and down mountains. Here are my suggestions if you want to make it to the top: 1) Take plenty of breaks. The mountain does not care how fast you get to the top. My goal on any climb of over 1K feet is to get the summit in a good mood. Obviously, you have to push yourself to Read more

Jul 30 2015

Great article. After owning several, UJM 70’s bikes, I spent more time and money on them then I did actually riding them. I think a first time rider would be good to have something that has been well maintained and has a proven service history is possible. I finally scored a 1998 HD Sportster for $1,000. It has a full Read more

Jul 29 2015

Best advice is to go take a MSF course. Learning on your own, or having someone who is not trained to teach you, show you how to ride is asking for all sorts of problems that may cause a serious rider error out on the road that will result in severe injuries or even death. Read more

Jul 29 2015

I highly suggest taking an MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) course and getting a license before buying a bike. Before even looking at which bike to buy. The way it worked in my state: Read more

May 29 2015

I learned on a lever action 30/30. Arguably the most dangerous gun ever. No safety, and if you pull the hammer back and don’t shoot, you have to pull the trigger slowly while releasing the hammer so as to not fire. It’s a wonder I never killed anyone with that thing. Or shot myself in the foot.

May 28 2015

I was a competitive under-18 clay shooter when I was, well, under 18. I was good, but not great, usually shooting 47-48/50 when everyone else shot 49s. So it goes. If anyone has any questions I’ll do my best, but that was twenty-almost years ago.

Though, I want to counter advice I see in the article and comments: I Read more

May 28 2015

Don't forget the follow through. You will miss a ton of shots, even when leading it, if you stop the motion of your gun after pulling the trigger.