Dr. Sam Hyngus
Aug 27

Bret, invite me to dinner at your house. I will NOT call you a bedbug. I will, however, give you a swirly and bang your wife. 

Jun 20 2019

I’m just saying this because I have a weird unjustifiable liking towards these things. And given that she’s not looking for anything particularly exciting, just needs efficient and spacious transportation, why not? Wagons make everything cooler...even a Prius, right? -

Apr 17 2019

Yes. You most definitely want a Lincoln. I have owned 2 continentals so far (RIP my first 2018, totaled with 29k miles at 10 months old.) And I’m on my second black label. I had the choice to buy a LOT of cars for $82,000 but this Conti won it. Its fast. Like, beats 5.7 Hemis, STis and GT mustang’s ALL DAY type fast