Samer Kalaf
Managing Editor
Oct 20

Sorry, the hoisting was there but accidentally taken out of the blog. It’s back now.

Oct 9

People like you who fetishize decorum above all else are truly useless. Chug piss.

Oct 9

This argument sucks, man! George W. Bush isn’t a lost child; he was the president. He saw photos of the torture, from the man who approved of that torture, and then he stood up for that guy. I linked to this in the blog, which I’m now not sure you fully read.

Oct 9

However, while I don’t think it means everything, I do think intent matters. Every decision GWB made, he (wrongly) believed he was making the tough choices to make America safer in a time when Americans felt very unsafe. Read more

Oct 3

Really hope this one takes off.

Sep 12 2019

Diaz signed the deal with Temple. They had a presser and everything! And now he gets to demand complete loyalty and no more meetings after talking to him? Do you think if circumstances change for one of his recruits, Diaz is going to be as sympathetic?

Sep 10 2019

Jaguars Junction will return in the near future/whenever Hamilton will stop ignoring my messages

Aug 28 2019

This is a posthumous work :(

Aug 27 2019

Really enjoying this one.

Aug 23 2019

Sour candy, but honestly, sour candy isn’t really for kids anyway. They ruin their appetite after half a bag--unlike me, who ruins his appetite after a full bag.

Aug 20 2019

Never attribute to kayfabe that which is adequately explained by the mere existence of the Raiders.

Aug 19 2019

As a person who follows the NFL, I will just say that this might not be the path you want to go down.

Aug 6 2019

It’s a perfect example of how he argues. After claiming that Kobe was one of the best players in 2010-2013, he whips out “25th in VORP for 2012” and hopes that the first two numbers cover for it. Get the hell out of here, man!

Aug 6 2019

Tom Beef’O’Brady ... congrats.

Aug 5 2019

Oh man, I missed that one.