Sam Bithoney
Freelance writer, Corn Dog Advocate
Jun 8 2018

Can you recommend a less sinful way to cut a pineapple? I have tried and failed many times.

Jan 16 2018

I really like the idea of a cheese plate casserole. I think if you layered it with puff pastry, it’d work amazingly well.

Place a round of brie in the center of the puff pastry sheets and cut around 1/2" around it, set the brie and pastry aside. Using the remaining, now shaped layers to build two (or, if cut in half Read more

Jan 10 2018

It has something to do with less fat which directly correlates with less flavor. The McNuggets are much worse than they once were because of this.

Dec 29 2017

Bigot president makes bigot policy. All Republicans are complicit. All Republicans must go.

Dec 21 2017

Also recommend, if you want to keep your cookies from going stale during shipping, place a couple slices of bread into the bag.

Dec 19 2017

Since we’re talking about Godzilla and Santa, it’s worth noting that, in the Marvel Comics Universe, Santa is a near all-powerful mutant who defeated the entire X-Men nearly instantaneously. He’s like a class 5 mutant who lives forever and can change his mass and conjure snowballs and shit.

Dec 17 2017

I think Romo had every non-Patriots fan reaction. “I don’t know why they’re taking so long. Wait, are they looking at the ball...[replay runs] oh, nooooo.”

Dec 17 2017

Right? What the hell was he thinking? Throw it to row ZZ, kick the FG, go to OT.

Dec 17 2017

When his left elbow hit the ground, he lost grip on the ball with his left hand (one might say DROPPED it) and the ball hit the ground. That’s a pretty clear non-catch according to the rules. Read more

Dec 17 2017

From what I understand, the rule is that no matter where the receiver is on the field, he must maintain full possession all the way to the ground for the catch to count. So knee down there isn’t enough, by the rule. The ball moved when he hit the ground. I’m not shocked they reversed the catch.