Aug 1 2019

When the revolution comes, this dog should be spared (see: the fate of the Romanoff pets). Not his fault.

Aug 1 2019

Thanks for the clarification. It actually was unclear to me. I am also bisexual and I couldn’t tell if this article was truly supportive of bisexuals, or if it was “cannibal witch” level sarcasm about it.

Aug 1 2019

If it’s unclear, I am bisexual and have written frequently about being bisexual. Enjoy!

Dec 27 2016

I see, it’s much nicer when the gay people are hidden away, so you can pretend that they don’t exist, versus having some backstory for a character that doesn’t affect the gameplay at all - I mean at ALL, Tracer’s abilities haven’t changed since this came out in a comic - but you’re still upset about it. Read more

Feb 27 2016

At least there are no pics of Pikachu in the 18th floor orgy......... or are there?

Feb 10 2016

Your blood volume increases and your blood also has to start circulating through the placenta, as well as all kinds of hormone level shifts, up and down, and it really can be a rollercoaster.
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